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Potential Role of Plant Polysaccharides as Immunostimulants in Aquaculture – A Review



Aquaculture is one of the primary food-producing sectors in the world that ensures human nourishment. However, aqua farmers are facing serious problems due to disease outbreaks and development of antimicrobial resistance. Until now, chemical or antibiotic based strategies have been applied to control disease related concern in aquaculture. Frequent usage of antibiotics in feed or usage of disinfectant to overcome the disease may end up with negative impacts to the environment and human. Utilization of plant derived polysaccharides has been drastically increased due to their effective roles and could serve as a best replacement for chemical agents and antibiotics. In addition, plant derived compounds and plant extracts were utilized to improve the immunity, intestinal health and growth performance of aquaculturable organisms. In addition, large number of plant-based polysaccharides was utilized as immunostimulants in aquaculture. Hence, this review aims to highlight the multifunctional properties of plant-based polysaccharides in aquaculture. Moreover, advantages and different concentration of plant polysaccharides as a feed additive in aquaculture sector have been discussed herein.

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