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Green building considering image processing technology combined with CFD numerical simulation

   | 15 lug 2022


In order to solve the increasing phenomenon of building energy consumption, the green building is deeply studied by combining image processing technology and CFD digital simulation technology. The research status of green building design is compared. The optimal green building design scheme is obtained by introducing CFD numerical simulation method, introducing finite element Navier -Stokes equation, equation turbulence model and so on. This paper analyzes the design optimization of modern green buildings, and explores the application of CFD numerical simulation technology in green building design. In practice, combined with the practice of CFD in the research project, this paper studies the five evaluation indexes of CFD technology in green building design, such as land saving, water saving, energy saving, material saving and indoor environment. This paper verifies the possibility of using CFD technology in the process of green building design, and promotes the application of CFD in green building design by using CFD technology to assist green building evaluation standards in green building design.

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