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Designing Research in Subject Matter Didactics. Results and Open Questions of a Delphi Study



Up to now, the discussion about research designs in subject-matter didactics has mainly taken place within the disciplines of this academic field. A generic model is useful in order to stimulate a discussion across different disciplines as it provides a common reference point. Such a model was the goal of a Delphi study, which consisted of two rounds. This paper describes the basic results of this Delphi study. On the one hand it brought about the basic contours of such a model: it is characterized by three basic dimensions (subject areas, methodologies, reference theories) and categories by which these three dimensions were operationalized. On the other hand, the Delphi brought about those topics that need to be discussed in future. This is especially true for categories on the dimensions of methodologies and reference theories. In summary, this study offers arguments and impulses for further discussion about the understanding of research in subject-matter didactics.

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