Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy has found its application in the treatment of various types of burns. The presented work describes the use of this method in treating napalm burns in experimental animals. The researchers took particular interest in the immunological reactions occurring in animals, as well as the effect of the said therapy on the healing process.

Two groups of rabbits, previously anaesthetised with Evipan and immunised with S. typhi phage F7 microorganisms, were burnt with the use of napalm. The tested group was subjected to a series of treatment sessions with 100% oxygen at the pressure of 2 atm, whereas the control group did not undergo such treatment. Six repeated tests on complement activity with 50% haemolysis method and heamagglutination reaction quantification with antigens O and H S.typhi phage F7 were carried out on all of the researched animals. Moreover, for the purpose of control of the healing process, a number of histopathological exams on the burn wounds were conducted in both groups of rabbits.

The research showed an increase in complement activity in all tested animals; however, in the tested group it occurred later. Histopathological tests confirmed a more advanced healing process in the group subjected to hyperbaric oxygenation.