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The design and manufacture of atmospheric plasma jet surgical handpiece




Atmospheric plasma jet has different medical applications due to its low temperature at room temperature. In recent years, the effect of nonthermal plasmas on cancer cells has been studied, and it has been shown that this type of plasma has anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells.


To design a plasma jet handpiece, which can be used in cutting operations in less bleeding surgery, eliminating cancer cells without damage to healthy cells and reducing the duration of wound healing.


The plasma handpiece simply consists of a nozzle body and two cathode and anode electrodes and a fully insulated body against heat and high voltage. Argon is introduced into the handpiece, and by plasma treatment, it is used for special purposes. Each piece was made according to its own manufacturing process and by assembling; the final product of the atmospheric plasma jet handpiece was ready for testing. The jet pipeline was then tested, and the effective parameters were examined.


The cold atmospheric plasma jet length depends on factors such as power supply, applied voltage, gas flow rate and the distance between the electrodes. The results showed with increasing velocity, the flame and jet lengths decreased greatly due to high losses of plasma, including ions and electrons. Also with increasing the velocity of argon gas, its concentration decreased.


It is concluded that the performance of the proposed design is successful. The advantages include low-cost manufacturing, highly stable performance, and low erosion and can be considered for future development.

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