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The fauna of Opetiidae and Platypezidae (Diptera) in the Gemer region (Central Slovakia)

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A review of the fauna of flat-footed flies (Diptera: Opetiidae and Platypezidae) in the Gemer region (Slovakia) is presented. Based on previously published records and material examined 1 species of Opetiidae and 17 species of Platypezidae are treated, each with comments on its general distribution, biology and faunistics, and/or nature conservation importance. Nine species of Platypezidae are considered particularly significant for the area because of comprising taxa that are endangered, stenotopic or generally rare. Of the five species newly recorded from the Gemer area, one, viz. Agathomyia collini Verrall, 1901, is a new addition to the Slovak fauna and three, viz. Agathomyia falleni (Zetterstedt, 1819), Protoclythia rufa (Meigen, 1830) and Polyporivora picta (Meigen, 1830) represent second records from Slovakia, the last species being re-discovered in Slovakia after more than 140 years.

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