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The fauna of Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Central Slovakia)

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A synopsis of the fauna of the family Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) in the Gemer area (Slovakia) is presented. A total of 106 species are treated on the basis of previously published records and material examined. Each species is listed with comments about its general distribution, biology and faunistic and/or nature-conservancy importance. The regional fauna of Sphaeroceridae is distinguished not only for its high species diversity but also for numerous very rare, stenotopic, or endangered taxa. Among them, five species described from the area, viz. Elachisoma bajzae Papp, 1983, Herniosina pollex Roháček, 1993, H. horrida (Roháček, 1978), Opalimosina (Opalimosina) calcarifera (Roháček, 1975), Rachispoda segem (Roháček, 1991) and species hitherto known only from Gemer in Slovakia, viz. Crumomyia setitibialis (Spuler, 1925), C. zuskai (Roháček, 1976), Spelobia faeroensis (Deeming, 1966) and S. simplicipes (Duda, 1925), should be particularly mentioned. The peculiarities of the fauna of Sphaeroceridae in the Gemer territory are discussed including a review of species associated with cave habitats in the area and species most important from ecological, biogeographical and nature-conservancy points of view.

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