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Kľúčové problémy lesníctva, spracovania dreva a poľovníctva – návrhy na ich riešenie / Key issues of forestry, wood-processing industry and hunting – addressing them and proposals

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This article presents formation of forestry (forest management) and characterizes the development of social requirements (governing structures) for forests and tasks that should be carried out by the industry. It focuses mainly on the development of forestry after the change of social system in 1989, especially in the last decade, during the global economic and financial crisis (starting in 2008). Current key issues of forestry in Slovakia will be identified based on the analysis. The paper presents their causes and consequences. It proposes goals and measures with aim to stabilize the situation by 2020 so as to ensure the accomplishment of the strategic goal of forestry in Slovakia (sustainable forest management based on an appropriate use of economic, ecological and social functions for the development of society, and especially rural areas)

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