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Functions of Visual Public Relations. On Visual Meaning-Making in PR Practice

Publié en ligne: 06 Jun 2022
Volume & Edition: Volume 8 (2022) - Edition 1 (January 2022)
Pages: 21 - 28
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16 Apr 2015
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The paper presents the functions of public relations from visual communication standpoint. The argument for iconic turn application into public relations theory is provided. Next, the paper describes three main functions of images in PR: informative, persuasive and aesthetic. The essay is a theoretical realisation of socio-cultural paradigm in a public relations theory. Contemporary public’s interactions with visuals are dynamic. The constructivist approach stresses the role of knowledge in perception and therefore it is against the simplistic nativist approach to perceptual activity. It allows recipients’ behaviour to be generally appropriate also to non-sensed object characteristics. The publics remaining in the dialogue with an organization, learn specific aesthetics and perceive specific institutional visual stimuli. The paper indicates the need for interdisciplinary research in both visual and organizational communication domains. Such application of PR encompasses constant researching, conducting and evaluating communication programs to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization’s aims.


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