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Perspectives of Different Stakeholder Groups About the Alignment of IFRS for SMEs with IFRS Standard

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This research presents the findings of a content analysis of comment letters submitted to the International Accounting Standards Board in response to the second Comprehensive Review of the IFRS for SMEs. It is being investigated whether the parties' interest has increased since the first Request for Information was issued, whether the respondents are in agreement with the IASB regarding the alignment of IFRS for SMEs to full IFRS Standards, and what their arguments are in order to gain further insight into this review process. The study is based on comment letters sent directly to the IASB between January and October 2020. The analysis revealed that the main stakeholder groups that contributed were Professional organizations, Accounting Regulation Bodies and Accounting, audit and consultant firms, the same groups that also had a high response rate to the first request for information. Regarding the jurisdictions, there was a high interest from Europe but also from the countries that have already adopted the standard in South America.