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The Local Identity — The Case of Councilors from Lubelskie Municipalities and Counties’

   | 30 déc. 2022
À propos de cet article


The article presents the issues of local identity. One of the main objectives was to indicate how to determine the local identity of councilors of municipalities and counties on the basis of three selected indicators. The article consists of three parts. The first will present the theoretical foundations of identity and its types. The second part shows how it can determine the local identity. The third part is empirical. The study, carried out with the use of a questionnaire, covered the councilors of the city of Lublin, the council of lubelski county, and councilors from 8 municipalities included in lubelski county. The electoral terms 2002–2006 and 2014–2018 were selected for the analysis. The quantitative and descriptive methods were used in the study. The analysis of the research shows that the overwhelming majority of councilors show local identification, but its territorial range is different and not only at the municipality and county level.