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Impact of Supplanting of Flour with Mushroom Powder on Nutritional Composition and Sensory Attributes of Cookies

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Carbohydrate & Protein Malnutrition is broadly perceived as, significant medical issue in the world due to cereal-based dietary examples. The protein nature of the cereal-based diet can be improved by fortification. Edible mushrooms are rich in protein, carbohydrate, minerals, other nutritive compounds. Fortification of mushroom in cookies helps improve cookies quality alongside fulfill nutrition demand. Powdered Mushrooms are one of these sources that have incredible potential. This paper surveys the impact of Button and Oyster mushroom powder on the rheological, physicochemical, textural and quality attributes of the cookies item. Mushrooms were cleaned in normal water and whitened with steam for 7 min, then sliced it for uniform size, dried the sliced mushrooms in a microwave oven at 55 °C, 120 min. Then transfer it powder form. Fortified 15% of mushroom powder improves baking period quality, cookies shape, protein, carbohydrate & nutrition value. Fortification range of up to 20% was tolerating in bakery products. Contingent upon the wholesome and tactile outcomes, it very well may be rea stoned that 15% mushroom strengthened with flour is worthy quality and it healthful better over locally accessible flours. The discoveries of the current investigation will be useful individuals experiencing a lack of healthy sustenance and other degenerative illnesses. Further, an expansion was noticed sure repulsive consequences for practically all quality parameters of the cookies which could decreased by the expansion of different modifiers and added substances so as get fantastic quality treats. That impact makes protein and Carbohydrate rich cookies later on.