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Electron Spin Resonance Dating of the Quaternary Fluvial Terrace System of the Upper Han River, Central China

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The geomorphology of the upper Han River, which is located in the southern Qinling Mountains (central China) and within the northern subtropical monsoon climate zone, contains abundant information on tectonic and climatic changes. Many Paleolithic sites are preserved in the Quaternary terraces in this region, making it an ideal area for studying both geomorphology and ancient human activity. However, owing to limitations in dating methods, the formation ages of the higher terraces T3–T5 of the upper Han River remain unclear. We collected 11 samples of sediment from the higher Quaternary terraces of Wufeng, Qingqu and the Yunyang Basin for electron spin resonance (ESR) dating of quartz grains. Results show that the formation ages of terraces T3, T4 and T5 are 422–401 ka, 627–621 ka and 1129–1099 ka, respectively. Integrating this information with the timings of documented climatic transitions and the history of regional uplift, we propose that the upper Han River terraces formed in response to the combined effects of climatic transition and tectonic uplift.

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