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The Selective Effect of Cigarette Filters on the Nicotine and Phenol Retention in Different Tobacco Types / Über die selektive Wirkung von Cigarettenfiltern auf Nikotin und Phenole sowie ihre Abhängigkeit von der Tabaksorte

   | 13 juin 2014
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The dependence of the nicotine and phenol retention by filters made of cellulose and cellulose acetate upon the type of tobacco or tobacco mixture, upon the hydrogen ion concentration of the smoke, and upon tobacco additives which are apt to modify the reaction of the smoke is presented. The investigations centre in the circumstances under which nicotine can selectively be retained by a filter. Furthermore the distribution of nicotine and phenols within the filter is studied. It is shown that the coefficient of filtration of these substances is not constant but obviously diminishes with the length and predominantly in the first 10 mm of the fore-part of the filter

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