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A New Cold Trap for the Collection of Large Amounts of Tobacco Smoke Condensate / Eine neue Kältefalle zur Gewinnung grosser Mengen von Tabakrauchkondensat

   | 13 juin 2014
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The described ''cold'' trap has been developed for preparatory purposes and is designed for collecting and precipitating the smoke of 6000 cigarettes. The trap operates without filter material or added solvents. The precipitated smoke condensate itself acts as precipitating filter. By the new trap the precipitation of the smoke is thus performed much more tenderly than by all other hitherto known precipitation apparatusses. The quality of the "cold'' condensate does not differ from that of electrostatically produced condensate or from that of condensate obtained by a vibration frit. The reproducibility of the results obtained by means of the described preparatory ''cold'' trap is satisfactory. The mode of action of the trap is discussed.

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