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Enterprise financial strategy and performance management analysis based on principal component analysis

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Under the condition of social and economic growth rate continues to slow down, enterprises put forward environmental protection policies from the perspective of long-term development of resource construction, and enterprises will face more and more competitive pressure. If an enterprise wants to break through its own development bottleneck and become one of the enterprises drafting national standards in the industry, it must have a comprehensive understanding of its financial strategy and performance management program. This paper studies using the principal component analysis (pca), after consulting relevant financial performance evaluation literature, based on an enterprise’s financial performance data for principal component analysis, will have access to financial performance evaluation results ranking and scoring, not only can be found that there were problems, also will use modern management theory to replace the traditional financial performance evaluation methods, Give priority to scientific and comprehensive financial indicators for performance evaluation, so as to put forward effective solutions to help enterprises to clarify their own competitive pressure and market positioning.

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