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Exploration on the collaborative relationship between government, industry, and university from the perspective of collaborative innovation

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The idea that reform drives innovation and entrepreneurship, and innovation and entrepreneurship drive development, has gradually become the main theme of the new era of Chinese society. As the ‘cradle’ of knowledge and technology innovation and the training and output of innovative talents, colleges and universities are the inevitable choices of the times to conform to the social trend and change to the development model of ‘entrepreneurial universities’. This article takes the reform of the development model of universities in Heilongjiang Province as the research object, and it qualitatively explores the status quo of the reform and development of universities in Heilongjiang Province to entrepreneurial universities, with the aid of the Loet Leydesdorff triple helix algorithm, based on the Web of Science database and national intellectual property ‘patent search and analysis’. The platform conducts data mining, conducts quantitative measurement research on the collaboration relationship between government, industry, university and research, and focuses on Heilongjiang Province for horizontal and vertical empirical analyses. The study proposes suggestions for improvement from the three dimensions of condensing the collaborative awareness of innovation subjects, reforming the development model of scientific research institutions, and improving the efficiency of the absorption and transformation of enterprise scientific and technological achievements. It has certain practical guidance for strengthening the mutual information coordination and structural stability of the government, industry, university and research under the collaborative innovation ecosystem.

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