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Heart Disease After Covid: Exacerbated Future Health Risks Aligned to Previous and Existing AAS/Androgen Use

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In this commentary/short communication we build upon our existing research and viewpoints related to the deleterious effects that AAS/Androgen use has, and the growing body of work and case studies/reports that identify the substantially increased risks that AAS/Androgen use presents to those who have (or have had) COVID-19. We position this commentary/short communication then, as one that builds on our prior calls for public health policy to be in part framed by, or at least to recognise the risks, of AAS/Androgen use. This is of particular contemporary importance now that COVID-19 is endemic, and we report on how long COVID-19 (Post COVID-19 syndrome) can present a wide range of lasting cardiovascular problems, a particular issue given that AAS/Androgen use may well exacerbate future health risks aligned to COVID-19.

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