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Self-Perceived Fatigue Symptoms After Different Physical Loads in Young Boxers

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The objective of the study was to determine the prevalence of self-perceived fatigue symptoms during 48 hours after different physical loads in young male boxers. The research sample comprised a total of 21 adolescent male boxers (mean age 14.00±2.05 years), members of the Slovak club named “Best boxing cub” in Devínska Nová Ves (Slovakia). For 48 hours after one-day national championship and five-day training camp, were young male boxers asked to observe symptoms of fatigue on themselves. The level of self-perceived fatigue (S-PF) was measured with the Training Distress Scale (TDS). In young male boxers was found a very low rate of S-PF during 48 hours after the different physical loads. A lower rate of S-PF was declared after the national championship compared to the 5-day training camp. At both events, fatigue was reported with the same three symptoms of muscle soreness, heavy feelings in arms or legs, and lack of energy. Significantly higher S-PF during 48 hours after 5-day training camp compared to national championship was showed in heavy feelings in arms or legs, restless sleep, being unusually tired during the day, and insomnia. No significant differences in overall TDS between different physical loads were found.

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