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Dentistry, is one of the intensively and rapidly growing branches of medicine. This prompts dentists to take an interdisciplinary approach to their patients. Thus, the dentist, being a general practitioner, can make significant contributions to the early diagnosis of systemic disease and the faster implementation of appropriate treatment. In view of the aforementioned, we undertook research on the relationship of pathological changes observed in the oral cavity with diseases of the connective tissue system. Collagenosis is a chronic autoimmune disease initiated by many factors, among which the genetic factor and viral infections are mentioned. The changes observed in the oral cavity may be a picture of the disease, a complication of the disease or a side effect of the treatment. The aim of the study is, thus, too present the pathological changes in the oral cavity which often accompany collagenosis, and to discuss the risk factors of connective tissue system diseases and methods of dental treatment.

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