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Influence Of Preservative On The Tensile Strength Of The Tissue Of Porcine Circulatory System

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There are many biomaterials that can substitute pathologically altered tissue, however, none of them is as perfect as a native tissue. Currently, scientists are looking for new biomaterials that can be successfully implanted without exposing the patient to reoperation. Each material introduced into an organism must afford sufficient mechanical and biochemical properties and meet the criteria of the biomaterial. Materials intended to take over the function of natural tissue materials should be characterized to the greatest extent by similar mechanical properties. The authors of many publications describing the results of strength tests of biological tissues show different ways of researching them. In many cases, the form of the test material preparation is different because of anisotropy of biological tissue. This study provides an overview of selected methods for the tensile tests characterizing the mechanical properties of the heart valves, pericardium and porcine aortas. We also present results of our study of mechanical properties of the natural porcine tissues.

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