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Recent occurrence of moss Buxbaumia viridis (Bryophyta, Buxbaumiaceae) in the Kłodzko region (Central and Eastern Sudetes, SW Poland)

A rare epixylous moss, Buxbaumia viridis (Moug. ex Lam. & DC.) Brid. ex Moug. & Nestl., was searched at historical localities in the Kłodzko region, especially in Bialskie and Bystrzyckie Mts. The species was rediscovered at two localities in the upper part of the valley of Jedlnik stream on the east slope of Iwinka Mt. in Puszcza Śnieżnej Białki Nature Reserve. This paper presents data on autecology of B. viridis at one of the rediscovered localities as well as shows its current distribution in the Kłodzko region.

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