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Model for Cuboid Shape Samples and its Analysis Used for Measurements of Thermophysical Properties of Sandstone


A new model for the sample of square cross section with cuboid geometry including the effect of heat loss from the surface of the sample was tested using the theory of sensitivity coefficients. Theoretical calculation of model uncertainty and derived analytical formulas are presented. Results of the uncertainty analysis set out the range of experimental conditions under which the model is valid and the uncertainty of estimated parameters is low. Propagation of error for non-stochastic dynamic measurements based on the sensitivity coefficients shows limitations related to a range of model validity. The analysis improves the accuracy of measurements. The model was used for data evaluation of thermophysical parameters measured on the sandstone from the locality Pravčická brána. Evaluation procedure was tested on experimental data measured under different experimental conditions. In conclusion, the discussion of the experiment optimization is presented.

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6 veces al año
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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing