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Distribution and Communities of Crypsis Aculeata and Heleochloa Schoenoides in Slovakia


The distribution and communities of two annual grasses Crypsis aculeata and Heleochloa schoenoides were studied in Slovakia during 2003-2007. Herbarium and field data were used to reconstruct the occurrence of both taxa. A strong decline in C. aculeata localities was observed. This was mainly due to the destruction of periodically flooded saline habitats. By contrast, the occurrence of H. schenoides was changed only slightly. This species survives in secondary habitats (rural roads, field margins, field depressions). Point maps of historical and recent distribution are presented. Halophile vegetation of Crypsis aculeata and Heleochloa schoenoides has been sampled with the adapted Braun-Blanquet method. All collected relevés have been classified using the JUICE software. The results showed that the Crypsidetum aculeate Wenzl 1934 community is missing now in Slovakia, but Heleochloetum schoenoidis (Soó 1933) Topa 1939 was still recorded at a few sites. However, the community contained many ruderal plant species.

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