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A Public Value-Based, Multilevel Evaluation Framework to Examine Public Bike-Sharing Systems. Implications for Cities’ Sustainable Transport Policies


This article proposes a multilevel bike-sharing assessment framework based on the concept of public value. This approach makes it possible to combine customer satisfaction with the transport service system with determinants of demand for bicycle services in the form of value. The framework aims to evaluate the parameters of public bike systems (PBS) that determine user value, and that co-create user value, system value, and social and ecological value, to identify the characteristics of the bicycle that need improvement in order to meet users’ needs and optimize quality. The framework uses empirical verification through satisfaction surveys of PBS users in Lodz, Poland. The results of the study were subjected to factor analysis, which revealed four groups of factors that satisfy public bike users: (1) impact on the health, environment, mobility and traffic in the city, (2) reliability, and comfort, (3) intramodality, (4) price and technical availability.

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