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Evaluation of the Status of Real Property in Rural Areas


Municipalities have a great deal of interest in land consolidation. Deciding which municipality is going to be prioritized for land consolidation is not easy; a unified universal selection procedure does not currently exist. The article proposes a procedure for assessing land ownership in a municipality. Municipalities with the worst ratings should be prioritized for land consolidation. The selection of evaluation parameters and their classification into groups is the result of previous experience. The parameters cover a broad spectrum of variables, economic conditions, the spatial structure of the agricultural land, the fragmentation of land and land ownership, the ecological stability of the land, territorial endangerment as well as natural conditions, technical limitations, and other regional specifics. The proposed quantification of the status of real property can be used with the aim of prioritizing municipalities, even with a variable number of evaluation parameters. To test the proposed algorithm, analyses were carried out in three municipalities located in west Slovakia. The municipalities were ranked according to the need to perform land consolidation

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