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The new railway hybrid bridge in Dąbrowa Górnicza: innovative concept using new design method and results of load tests


The article presents a prototype steel–concrete bridge with the results of trial load tests. In the design of the structure, new approaches were used, the so-called concept of a hybrid cross section. The obtained results were interpreted against the background of theoretical analysis performed and the experience of the behavior of the existing standard bridge structures. The obtained results are to be the starting point for the development of methods of calculating this type of structure, with particular emphasis on the degree of cracking of the concrete part of the structure. The paper is intended to be a starting point for demonstrating that it is possible to calculate longitudinal shear in the fatigue limit state (of steel dowels) differently than in the fully cracked section. Similarly, it is supposed to be a point of discussion on how to perform a global analysis of hybrid systems.

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Geosciences, other, Materials Sciences, Composites, Porous Materials, Physics, Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics