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Growth, spectral, optical, dielectric and third order nonlinear studies on 2-amino 4-methylpyridinium salicylate single crystals


Optically transparent single crystals of 2-amino 4-methylpyridinium salicylate were successfully grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique at room temperature. The grown crystal was characterized by various characterization techniques such as single crystal X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared microscopy, optical, dielectric and Z-scan studies. The presence of various functional groups was identified by Fourier transform infrared technique. UV-Vis-NIR studies implied the absence of absorption in the visible region. Dielectric studies were carried out in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 5 MHz. Thermogravimetric/differential thermal analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra studies were also performed for the grown crystal. Nonlinear refractive index, absorption coefficient and third order nonlinear optical susceptibility of the crystals were evaluated by Z-scan studies.

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Materials Sciences, other, Nanomaterials, Functional and Smart Materials, Materials Characterization and Properties