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“Once Upon a Time…” – the Use of Storytelling in Consultancy Leadership to Influence Behaviour Changes Post 2020


Objective: The authors of this chapter were inspired by the parallels they saw between education and management consultancy in terms of the behavioural change, and the methods used to achieve this. They seek to explore these parallels in particular the use of storytelling.

Methodology: The chapter first unpicks the notion of storytelling and goes on to examine the idea of behavioural change and the connection between the two. It goes deeper by rooting this in adult transformational learning. This is then linked to some real-life examples (recruitment and consultancy) of storytelling and adult learning.

Findings: The chapter considers some implications for the use of narrative for leaders moving forward into a post-pandemic world.

Value Added: Combining narrative with adult learning theory and comparing the world of business with education.

Recommendations: It is our hope that examination of this intersection will provide lessons relevant to both the education and business professions.

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