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Small size monopole antenna with tri-band notch characteristics for broadband application


In this research article, the design of a broadband monopole antenna with triband notch characteristics is proposed. Notch characteristics are achieved by using an E-shaped slot on the patch and a U-shaped slot on the 50 Ω microstrip feed line. An E-shaped slot is introduced on the metal patch to reject one frequency band of 6.6 − 7.5 GHz and when an additional U-shaped slot is introduced on the microstrip feed line, it provides two-notch frequency bands of 4.8 − 5.7 GHz and 14.2 − 17.5 GHz. The notch bands are effectively used to avoid undesired interference from the WLAN, C band, and Ku band. The proposed antenna provides a very broad frequency range from 3.3 − 19.5 GHz except for three notch bands. The antenna is small in size and easy to design with only a volume of 29 mm × 21mm × 1.6 mm. The antenna is useful for broadband applications.

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