The rapid development of various LBS-based applications and services that operate on the basis of the user’s current location, both global GPS and local LBS, today require the development of new and improved methods. This concerns, first of all, methods for determining the local location of LPS users in premises, if there is a high concentration of users and the presence of difficulties in the propagation of radio signals. the use of local methods of location determination based on the fingerprinting method is considered. It is shown that to improve the user positioning accuracy, it is expedient to use a combination of several methods. to determine the local location of the user, a method based on the finite element method and linear complex planar splines is proposed. the construction of linear complex planar splines is considered, their coefficients are found. finding the error in determining the coordinates of the user’s UE location is shown. The use of the proposed method will improve the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the user’s location and will ensure the provision of LBS services and applications to users in the premises under various conditions of their provision.

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