Subject and purpose of the work

The commercial success of an organisation is based on its unique characteristics which make it stand out from its competitors. It can be the result of as many factors as there are many types of organisations and the goals they pursue. However, there are some invariants among them, which include leadership and management style associated with it. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the possible ways of implementing the idea of a turquoise management model in organisations with strong knowledge-based leadership.

Materials and methods

The subject of the study were medical entities of the SMEs group. A faceto- face and telephone interview with a person holding a leadership role in the treatment unit was chosen as the research method.

Results and conclusions

An attempt was made to verify the thesis of the possible synergies between turquoise ideas and strong leadership. The paper demonstrates a natural evolution of the leadership model which has resulted from the generation Y and Z entering the labor market, which is characterised by features converging with the turquoise idea of management.