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RM 20 - A Smoking Machine for Routine Analysis of Tobacco Smoke/Die RM 20 - eine Rauchmaschine für analytische Untersuchungen


A smoking machine for the routine analysis of tobacco smoke is described. The machine is equipped with special controls for parameters such as puff duration interval between puffs, number of puffs, automatic interruption of the puffs at a given butt length, expulsion of the butt, control of puff volume by a soap film burette. By these devices the various conditions of machine smoking can easily be set up. At the same time up to twenty cigarettes from different samples can be smoked into separate traps (glass fibre filters). For the simultaneous smoking of twenty cigarettes into one common trap, a large glass fibre filter or an electrostatic trap can be joined. For the application of a vacuum a rotary pump (rectangular puff profile) as well as a piston pump (either rectangular or bell-shaped puff profile) can be used. The machine is suitable for both restricted and free smoking and a change between these two conditions can mechanically be achieved in a few seconds

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