Background: Medicinal plants exhibit significant effects on broiler physiology and production. This trial aimed to evaluate the effects of dietary supplementation with an aqueous or cyclodextrin extract derived from a mixture of Origanum vulgare L., Camelina sativa L. crantz, Crithmum maritimum L., and Allium sativum L. at the level of 0.1% per kg of dry matter (DM) on broiler growth performance, welfare, meat chemical composition, and oxidative stability.

Results: Cyclodextrin treated group presented significantly higher final body weight, while feed intake and FCR were unaffected by the treatments. Both aqueous and cyclodextrin treated groups had significantly lower pododermatitis score compared to the control group. Additionally, both treatment groups presented increased thigh meat protein content and lower fat content, likewise meat color was also positively affected by both treatments. Supplementation of broilers diet with the cyclodextrin extract also resulted in ∑n-3 fatty acids and ∑n-6 fatty acids increase. The PUFA/SFA and H/H ratios were also increased in the thigh meat of both supplemented groups compared to the control group.

Conclusion: The application of aqueous or cyclodextrin extracts yielded positive results on meat composition, and supported growth performance, welfare, and the oxidative status of the chicken meat.

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