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Experimental and Numerical Small Punch Tests of the 14Cr ODS Ferritic Steel


Nowadays, various small specimen test techniques have gained wide popularity and appreciation among researchers as they offer undoubtful benefits in terms of structural material characterisation. This paper focuses on small punch tests (SPTs) performed on small-sized disc specimens to assess the mechanical properties of 14Cr oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steel. A numerical model was established to support experimental data and gain deeper insight into complex strain states developing in a deformed specimen. Modern evaluation procedures were discussed for obtaining mechanical properties from the small punch force-deflection response and were compared with the literature. Applicability and universality of those relations at different test conditions were also studied. It appeared that different ball diameters used had negligible influence on yield point but strongly affected ultimate strength estimation. It was found that friction belongs to decisive factors determining strain distribution in samples, as dry conditions increase the peak strain and move its location farther from the punch pole.