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Optimization of the Microscopic Method of Observing of the Oleogel Structure


The subject of the research was the oleogel structure of the OraMAF oral suspension, containing a mixture of active substances in which the oleogel environment is formed by purified olive oil in combination with soy lecithin (SL) and sorbitan tristearate (STS). The objective of the research was the development of an optimal methodology for the work process, enabling microscopic observation of the structure of the oleogel suspension. Purified olive oil structured with a combination of gelators SL and STS with the addition of a solid phase of fucoidan (F) and chondroitin sulfate (CS) powders was used for the study as an alternative to OraMAF suspension. The sedimentation method of separation of the medium and staining of solid phases of the suspension brought the expected results, allowing the observation of the network structure of the gel, which consisted of interlaced gelator fibers assembling into star formations. The most interesting structures were clearly the star-like structures created from the star-shaped microtubules trapping the CS and F solid particles, colored blue.

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