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Thermoplastic elastomers containing 2D nanofillers: montmorillonite, graphene nanoplatelets and oxidized graphene platelets


This paper presents a comparative study on which type of platelets nanofiller, organic or inorganic, will affect the properties of thermoplastic elastomer matrix in the stronger manner. Therefore, poly(trimethylene terephthalate-block-poly(tetramethylene oxide) copolymer (PTT-PTMO) based nanocomposites with 0.5 wt.% of clay (MMT), graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) and graphene oxide (GO) have been prepared by in situ polymerization. The structure of the nanocomposites was characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in order to present good dispersion without large aggregates. It was indicated that PTT-PTMO/GNP composite shows the highest crystallization temperature. Unlike the addition of GNP and GO, the introduction of MMT does not have great effect on the glass transition temperature of PTMO-rich soft phase. An addition of all three types of nanoplatelets in the nanocomposites caused the enhancement in tensile modulus and yield stress. Additionally, the cyclic tensile tests showed that prepared nanocomposites have values of permanent set slightly higher than neat PTT-PTMO.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering