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Modelling of the Solina-Myczkowce pumped storage power plant

   | 17. Feb. 2023


The article presents simulation results of a developed model of PSP Solina. The model was designed and executed in the Matlab – Simulink interface. A modular approach was used to clearly distinguish characteristic elements of the model. Simulations of the model performance were carried out for a period of 365 days. The results were presented graphically. To simplify, the form of criteria defining on/off moments and defining the turbine/pump turbine operating mode was adopted. All constraints arising from the physical parameters and limitations of the cascade objects as well as those arising from the provisions of the current water management instructions for the Solina-Myczkowce cascade were taken into account. The model is a flexible proposal with which to develop and test decision-making mechanisms in the context of energy generation/consumption in operation. Due to the high potential and short on/off times of the turbine sets, the Solina EW plays an important role in the National Electricity System. An important role in the control process of the facility is played by the forecast of both power demand and contingencies. The analyses are supported by many charts and commentary.

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