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Capacity Evaluation of Roundabouts in Slovakia


Two technical regulations for capacity estimation of roundabouts are valid in the Slovak Republic at the present time. Each of these regulations is based on a different theory of capacity estimation which affects the outcome of the capacity of roundabouts and their evaluation. The capacity of various roundabouts was estimated according to both methods in the previous analysis made at our department [3] and in some cases different results of the evaluation were achieved. The question is: which one of the mentioned theories better reflects a real capacity of the roundabout? For this reason some of the existing roundabouts in the town Žilina were selected and they were evaluated according to both methods and a micro simulation using PTV Vissim software. The geometrical parameters of roundabout, real driving behaviour (speed, proportions, acceleration, etc.) and also pedestrian behaviour were taken into account in the microscopic models. The first assumption for capacity evaluation by a microscopic traffic model is a calibration process which is based on traffic surveys results. Thus created models allow several capacity analyses during the peak traffic loading. Then, the results of micro-simulation can be compared with the capacity evaluation according to the technical regulations. The article deals with creation and calibration of microscopic traffic models and with the mentioned comparing of results.

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