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The Competences of Physical Education Students. Unified Versus Two-Tier University Studies

   | 29. Jan. 2013


Introduction. The objective of the study was a comparative analysis of the results of unified and two-tier university studies in physical education at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. Material and methods. The study utilized 128 full-time final semester students. The study utilized a diagnostic poll and random survey method. On the basis of respondents' opinions, the following results were analyzed: respondents' expectations regarding their education and the level of their fulfilment, forms of activities undertaken during studies, professional plans and opinions regarding the course of studies in PE. Results. The analysis revealed that, when making the decision to study physical education, respondents expected to gain directional competences and knowledge and skills enabling further education. Respondents highly regarded the level of these competences gained. The majority of respondents expressed a wish to find employment in the education sector and other institutions of physical education. Conclusion. The result of the research indicated that transforming unified Master's studies into two-tier university studies did not bring about fundamental changes in the outcome of studies in physical education.

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