Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Freedom of Communication in Science in the Context of the Development of Modern Information and Communication Technologies


The article presents the idea of freedom of communication and science in the context of contemporary trends related to the development of modern information and communication technologies. The research was carried out by means of literature analysis, observation, desk research, and statistical surveys, including estimated data on changes, for example in the labour market. Reference was made to the paradigm shift in the use of information and communication technologies as a result of the pandemic. Attention was also paid to the influence of technology on the sphere of scientific and public information. As a result of the research, changes related to the use of artificial intelligence have been noted, including threats related to the impact of technology on humans and the environment. Another problem is the lack of knowledge about these threats and the uncritical adoption of new technological innovations. Automated decision-making systems do not follow clear rules on accountability for the possible effects of adverse reactions. On the other hand, the development of technology is causing a revolution in the field of open access to scientific data, free of charge and without legal and technological barriers