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Curricular Relevance and Workforce Preparedness: Student Perspectives on Practical Experiences in Urban Planning and Construction Courses


This study conducted at Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania, examines the integration of practical experiences into urban planning and construction curricula, involving 318 students from Construction, Law, and Administrative Sciences faculties. The study stresses the significance of these experiences in preparing students for the workforce, while assessing their perspectives on the relevance of their courses to future careers, with a particular emphasis on the influence of internships and real project involvement. The findings suggest that students who engage in practical activities view their courses as more relevant to their career advancement. This pattern is consistent across an array of courses, with various statistical analyses revealing degrees of significance. The study underscores the need of aligning educational programmes with labour market standards and professional requirements, particularly within fields that emphasise practical competencies. It also highlights the essential roles of construction engineers and public administration professionals, emphasizing the importance of understanding practical and legal aspects in their education.