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Synthesis of a polyester plasticizer from rubber seed oil for polyvinyl chloride


A polyester plasticizer (RSOP) for polyvinyl chloride based on rubber seed oil (RSO) was synthesized. Firstly, RSO monoglyceride were synthesized by the transesterification of RSO with glycerol at 220–240 °C. Secondly, RSOP was synthesized from RSO monoglyceride and adipic acid by esterification. The polyester plasticizer was characterized by GPC, FT-IR, 1H NMR and DSC. Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials with RSOP and dioctyl phthalate (DOP) in varying ratios were prepared via thermal melting process, RSOP was used as a second plasticizer. The properties of the plasticized PVC materials were characterized by a universal testing machine, TGA, DMA and solvent extraction resistance. The obtained PVC materials showed improved thermal stability and lower glass transition temperature than PVC. Solvent extraction resistance and plasticization of plasticized PVC were also improved. This study provides a new strategy for preparing bio-based polyester plasticizer from RSO.

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