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First report of Pratylenchus penetrans (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae) associated with artichokes in Vietnam


Pratylenchus penetrans is one of the world’s most common and destructive root-lesion nematodes and can parasitize more than 400 plant species. P. penetrans has been reported to cause serious damage to artichokes in several countries, such as Greece, Brazil, and France. Until now, there have been no reports of P. penetrans associated with artichokes in Vietnam. In this study, we recorded this species in artichoke fields in Lam Dong province, Vietnam with an average density of 50 nematodes/100g of soil (frequency of appearance at 64.7%). This nematode was associated with symptoms such as yellowing leaves, stunt, and root necrosis of artichokes in Vietnam, indicating its high damaging potential and a need for suitable control strategies. The identification of this species in our study was confirmed by morphology, morphometric data, and molecular characterization of 18S and 28S rRNA regions. Our study also provides the first molecular data of P. penetrans in Vietnam. The inclusion of molecular data for P. penetrans in Vietnam represents a significant contribution to the scientific community and a pivotal advancement in addressing nematode-related challenges in agriculture. This dataset serves as an invaluable reference for various molecular-focused endeavors, including but not limited to molecular identification, pathogenicity studies, and the development of effective management strategies.

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