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The Distribution of Tobacco Smoke Constituents Between the Vapour and Particulate Phases


The distribution between the vapour and particulate phases of 17 volatile constituents of tobacco smoke in the boiling point range 21°C to 111°C was examined by gas chromatography. Analyses of the vapour passing through ambient temperature traps, namely, electrostatic and Cambridge Filter were carried out and compared with the analyses of vapours recovered by heating from the condensate precipitated in these traps. The vapours passing through the traps were compared with the vapour composition of smoke from which the particulate matter had been allowed to settle by gravity. Results indicated that the retention pattern of the Cambridge Filter Unit and the electrostatic trap in this range were very similar and that their efficiencies towards the 17 constituents examined ranged from 0 % to 18 %. The indications are that the composition of the vapour passing either of these traps is closely similar to that of the vapour phase in the original aerosol.

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