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Prodromus of moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Slovakia


First records of fourteen species of moth flies are from Slovakia mentioned: Apsycha pusilla (Tonnoir, 1922), Clytocerus (Boreoclytocerus) splendidus Ježek & Hájek, 2007, C. (B.) tetracorniculatus Wagner, 1977, Jungiella (Jungiella) hygrophila Ježek, 1987, J. (J.) valachica (Vaillant, 1963), J. (Psychocha) laminata (Szabó, 1960), Parajungiella prikryli Ježek, 1999, Pericoma (Pericoma) exquisita Eaton, 1893, P. (P.) ljubiniensis Krek, 1969, P. (P.) vestita Vaillant & Withers, 1993, Psychoda alticola Vaillant, 1973, P. uniformata Haseman, 1907, Pneumia compta (Eaton, 1893) and P. kabelaki Omelková & Ježek, 2012. Records on the basis of larvae of Berdeniella manicata (Tonnoir, 1920), Pericoma (Pericoma) pseudoexquisita Tonnoir, 1940 and Pneumia stammeri (Jung, 1956) in the past are first time confirmed as adults from Slovakia. Some detailed important morphological characters males of two selected species Pericoma (Pericoma) exquisita and P. (P.) pseudoexquisita are figured. All credible and available data of non-biting moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Slovakia were summarized (396 localities) and many new collecting sites (visited by different collectors from 1977 to 2013) added (188 localities). A suitable grid mapping for Central Europe was used. A preliminary conservation status of 51 rare species is discussed. The speciesrichness of the psychodid fauna in Slovakia is increased by this paper to 117 species.

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