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Sudden death syndrome in broiler chickens: a review on the etiology and prevention of the syndrome

Online veröffentlicht: 19 Jul 2022
Volumen & Heft: Volumen 22 (2022) - Heft 3 (July 2022)
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25 Nov 2011
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Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a condition in which apparently healthy broiler chickens die suddenly. There are short convulsions and frantic wing-beating prior to death, and the weight of internal organs is the same as in healthy chickens. The exact etiology of SDS is unknown. Heart problems have been implicated as a potential cause of the disease in broiler chickens. Despite considerable research, effective methods of prevention are still being sought. Furthermore, the prophylactic measures often make production less profitable (reduced body weight gain resulting from restricted feeding) and prolong the growth period. It is necessary to continue research on SDS, in particular on stimulation of the cardiovascular system to reduce the susceptibility of broilers to sudden death syndrome under intensive production systems.

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