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Self-efficacy-based change in educational administration style and public management model

 und    | 20. Sept. 2023


At present, the public management model is relatively backward, and the way of education administration needs urgent change. This paper explores the characteristics of the higher education administrative body operation mode in different periods and analyzes and summarizes the problems of the current educational administrative style. In response to these problems, an educational administrative management style based on self-efficacy is proposed, and the mathematical expression of three characteristic dimensions of self-efficacy is established through the modeling study of the factors influencing self-efficacy. The impact of characteristic self-efficacy dimensions on the efficiency and fairness of educational administration was analyzed as a strategy to propose management model changes. The impact factors of self-efficacy magnitude on input-output efficiency reached 0.43, self-efficacy breadth on problem-solving efficiency reached 0.40, and self-efficacy intensity on planning goal completion efficiency reached 0.27. The impact factors of the three characteristic dimensions of self-efficacy on educational equity reached 0.31, 0.35, and 0.34. This study provides an effective reference path for educational administration. This study provides an effective reference path for optimizing educational administration and helps promote the scientific construction of the public management model.

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