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Numerical Analysis of Geometrical Parameters Effect on Contact Zone Under Fretting Fatigue Loading


The fatigue process under fretting conditions is characterized by small oscillatory movements due to vibrating or cyclic loads between two surfaces in contact. Two phenomena can arise as a consequence: the surface wear of the bodies in contact, giving rise to the so-called fretting wear. The second phenomenon concerns crack nucleation in the contact region, causing a reduction in the fatigue strength of the component subjected to cyclic loading. This process is called “fretting fatigue”. In the present study, finite element models (2D-FEM) are provided to demonstrate the effect of pad radius on the contact parameters such as: contact pressure, shear traction, stresses, sliding, size of contact line and crack nucleation and its location along the contact line of aeronautical Al2024 alloy under fretting fatigue loading. Six numerical models are utilized to describe the effect of changing pad radii on contact stresses and damage of crack nucleation. The Ruiz parameter criterion should be used to predict the location of crack initiation in the contact zone. Comparison of the finite element results shows that there is a good agreement between the numerical modeling predictions with those analytical results. The stress field, relative slip, and damage parameters in fretting fatigue loading were highlighted. The pad radius substantially affects the distribution of contact parameters. Particular attention must be taken into consideration to this variable when analyzing the structure in fretting fatigue.

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