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Prevalence of Claw Diseases in Dairy Cows with Different Body Condition


The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between body condition and claw diseases in dairy cows. The data used in this study were obtained during two sessions of routine orthopaedic treatment and hoof trimming on a dairy farm in Eastern Slovakia. In the spring and autumn terms, 482 dairy cows were examined for claw diseases and their body conditions were recorded. Out of the 482 dairy cows, 56 % were affected by one or more claw diseases in one or more legs. Digital dermatitis and sole ulcers were the most often detected claw diseases found in this study. The dairy cows with a low body condition score (BCS < 3) showed a higher prevalence of claw diseases (P < 0.05) than the cows with a body condition score greater than 3. However, this difference could not be found when infectious diseases of the claws (digital dermatitis, foot rot, and interdigital dermatitis) were analysed. The results of this study allowed us to conclude that the dairy cows with a lower grade of body condition suffered more from non-infectious claw diseases (sole ulcer, white line diseases).

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